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PERFORMANCE: Nas x Miguel “Summer on Smash” [vitaminwater & FADER uncapped in Detroit]

last night Nas performed at the Masonic Temple in detroit along with Matt and Kim. Miguel came out for their collaboration summer on smash off of life is good

shoutout to my boys ehuff and j.wes for making many parts of this video! seemed like an AMAZING TIME!! so mad i missed it 😦

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VIDEO: Eminem “Japan Tour” Promo Video

Eminem and the Slaughterhouse are in Japan this Thursday and Friday for shows at several places including Mashima Outdoor Stage in Osaka and QVC Marine Field in Tokyo.. that shit must be crazy.

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DOCUMENTARY TRAILER: 50 Cent x Eminem Appear In “How To Make Money From Selling Drugs”

Old partners-in-crime 50 Cent and Eminem are hitting the silver screen together in a new documentary called “How To Make Money Selling Drugs.” Produced by Adrian Grenier, best known as Vinny Chase from the television series “Entourage,” the film will make its international debut during the Toronto Film Festival in September 2012.

Through a wide range of interviews with law enforcement, kingpins, dealers and entertainers, the film explores the high-stakes world of drug dealing and policing. Beyond 50 and Eminem, other interviewees include Rick Ross, the real Freeway Ricky Ross, Russell Simmons, “The Wire” creator David Simon and actors like Woody Harrelson and Susan Sarandon.

Posted Tuesday (July 31), the movie’s trailer shows frank depictions of the drug game and impoverished American cities ravaged by the trade. “They say, ‘Let me help you help yourself. I’m gonna give you 3-and-a-half grams,'” says 50 Cent, explaining how people start down the path to dealing dope. “‘You know what to do with this? Because if you know what you do with this, you’re gonna be alright.'”

The 90-minute film has yet to receive widespread distribution or a non-festival release date.



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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Raps Over “Otis” on Power 106

i wouldn’t call this a freestyle, because it clearly isnt. but unlike what people have been saying, Justin Bieber can CLEARLY write his own shit… and its ACTUALLY NICE! see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: BIG K.R.I.T. Speaks To XXL About Album Being Pushed Back

we won’t be hearing #livefromtheunderground until early 2012. what a fucking bummer. its ok, at least now its going to be even more perfect then it was going to be before. can’t wait!!!

 He talks about why he wanted more time, the process of clearing samples, two big features he has on the album thus far, and more..

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BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: Kanye West x Rhymefest “Alligator Boots” [Feat. Kim Kardashian]

here is a behind the scenes viddeo from Kanye West and Rhymefest’s puppet show, Alligator Boots. The series was going to air on Comedy Central and was produced by the same people who produced Crank Yankers. The show however, was cancelled before it even aired. This scene which also features Kim Kardashian wearing a princess leia costume. This shit would have been great if it actually became a series.

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BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: Kelly Rowland x Big Sean “Lay It On Me”

Rap-Up TV goes behind the scenes of Kelly Rowland’s sizzling video for “Lay It on Me,” the second single off “Here I Am,” co-starring Big Sean

PICTURES/VIDEO: Nike Air Mag- Marty McFly’s Sneakers [Releasing 2011]

In 1989, Back To The Future II was released – a sequel to the iconic original that concluded its story with Marty McFly and Doc Brown returning to an alternate life in present day 1985. In contrast with the original film, Back The The Future II focused on moving forward in time – October 21st, 2015 to be exact – when Marty must save his future children. In this futuristic world, Marty encounters some new and improved gadgets, like the hovering skateboard and the Nike Mag – a state of the art Nike sneaker that featured a hands-free self-lacing system. The Nike Mag is considered to be one of the most memorable figments of the entire Back The The Future saga and continues to maintain its significance in Nike archives despite it not even being a real shoe! Well, things are about to change…

The Nike Air Mag Sneakers will FINALLY be Releasing THIS YEAR [2011]!!!

Doc Brown gives us a short length video of the thousands of pairs of Marty McFly’s shelved up in a private room.

as far as price goes, there are speculations that the sneaker will cost around $1000, how true that is, i’m not sure.. i have no source that states that for sure. but with the lights and the auto-lacing technology, you can guess that these will be pricey.. start saving up sneakerheads!!!

still can’t believe they are finally releasing these.. this is going to be one of the GREATEST sneaker releases of all time.


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