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DOCUMENTARY TRAILER: 50 Cent x Eminem Appear In “How To Make Money From Selling Drugs”

Old partners-in-crime 50 Cent and Eminem are hitting the silver screen together in a new documentary called “How To Make Money Selling Drugs.” Produced by Adrian Grenier, best known as Vinny Chase from the television series “Entourage,” the film will make its international debut during the Toronto Film Festival in September 2012.

Through a wide range of interviews with law enforcement, kingpins, dealers and entertainers, the film explores the high-stakes world of drug dealing and policing. Beyond 50 and Eminem, other interviewees include Rick Ross, the real Freeway Ricky Ross, Russell Simmons, “The Wire” creator David Simon and actors like Woody Harrelson and Susan Sarandon.

Posted Tuesday (July 31), the movie’s trailer shows frank depictions of the drug game and impoverished American cities ravaged by the trade. “They say, ‘Let me help you help yourself. I’m gonna give you 3-and-a-half grams,'” says 50 Cent, explaining how people start down the path to dealing dope. “‘You know what to do with this? Because if you know what you do with this, you’re gonna be alright.'”

The 90-minute film has yet to receive widespread distribution or a non-festival release date.



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MOVIE TRAILER: “Setup” Starring 50 Cent x Bruce Willis [VIDEO]

movie directed by Mike Gunther

50 cent stars in “SETUP” along with Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe

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VIDEOS: “50 Cent’s Tweets With Grandma” & “Grandma Reads Kanye’s Tweets”

lmao. just something a little silly.



LMAO @ the Thumbs Up at the end of the kanye video

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Jeremih x 50 Cent “Down On Me”

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent “They Burned Me” [FULL/CDQ/TAGS]


CDQ w/ Tags. Off the Limelight Exclusives 4 Mixtape

PERFORMENCES: Eminem & Jay-Z Comerica Park Videos [With Special Guests]

Last night was EPIC. That concert was everything i’ve ever dreamed of and more. If you missed it because you forgot to buy tickets, i feel soo bad for you, lmao. that shit was INCREDIBLE. Once in a lifetime experience man. Anyway, if you did miss it.. there are TONS of videos hitting the net of performances by the opening artist B.o.B, and also by Eminem & Jay-Z and the special guests they brought out (Young Jeezy, Drake, Trick-Trick, Dr.Dre, D12, G-Unit Members (Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo))

So here are all the videos i could find combined into one entry.


Jay-Z “Free Mason”

Jay-Z’s Tribute To Biggie & Proof

Jay-Z “Encore”

Jay-Z “Guess Who’s Back”

Jay-Z Brings Out Young Jeezy

Eminem “Wont Back Down”

Eminem “Stan”

Eminem & 50 Cent + G-Unit (Patiently Waiting + I Get Money + In The Club”

Eminem & Trick Trick “Welcome To Detroit”

…. that shit was SUPERRRRRRR HYPE.

Eminem & D12 (Fight Music + Purple Pills + My Band)

Eminem & Dr. Dre (this was literally a dream come true to see live)

Eminem & Drake “Forever” (Drake was not there the 2nd night)

Eminem x B.o.B “Airplanes”

and last but not least, the highlight of my night..

Em & Hov “Renegade”

after Em left the stage last night he came back with “Lose Yourself” some videos also not up are “Love The Way You Lie” “Not Afraid” “Cinderella Man” and old Eminem stuff such as “Square Dance” “The Way I Am” “My Name Is” “Without Me” .. all the classics. Hopefully videos surface soon.. there are videos of some of these except they are short and arent great to look at, so i’m not gonna bother posting them..


INTERVIEW: 50 Cent Calls Diddy Blood-Sucking..

50 claims noone will buy diddys album and that he sucks the blood out of artists..

sidenote: is that britneyspears?! random! haha