INTERVIEW+ EP INFORMATION: Black Milk Speaks On Joint EP “Black & Brown” With Danny Brown

if you don’t know who Danny Brown is by now, you’re pretty much losing at life. If you’ve heard Black Milk’s Album 365 you’ve heard ‘Black & Brown’ which is a track on the album featuring Danny Brown.. and if you heard it, then you would know exactly why they are going to make a joint EP together titled “Black and Brown”  here is an excerpt from an interview of Black speaking on the EP with Kevin Nottingham

Alex: Do you have anything solo in the works right now?

Black: You know, hopefully I can get another solo project out, hopefully by the end of 2012. That’s my goal, but I’ve got other side projects I’m trying to get out first, so if it happens, it happens; and if it don’t, then whatever, 2013. Right now, I just dropped the 7” single with Jack White from The White Stripes. That single just came out a few days ago, and you can get the vinyl from 3rd man website or come to my website, or find it on iTunes. Other than that, I’m working on a Black and Brown EP with Danny Brown, another Detroit artist. If cats know my album, he and I did a joint on my album, on Album of the Year, called “Black and Brown”, and that’s going to be the name of the EP. So there’s probably going to 6 or 7 cuts on there, just trying to keep momentum going. That was one of people’s favorite joints from the album, so I was just thinking lets throw out a couple joints in an EP. Plus, we have a video coming out for “Black and Brown” too. You know, just keeping it moving, got a few joints with some other projects, too, just keeping it moving.

my life is complete. can’t fucking wait. According to the excerpt above, the EP will hopefully be released at the end of 2012, and if not then 2013.

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