PERFORMANCE VIDEO: Detroit Crowd Throw Bottles at Odd Future and Mike G addresses Danny Brown on Twitter

last night, odd future performed @ the Majestic in Detroit. Unfortunately, some “fans” thought it would be cool to throw glass bottles which came really close to hitting DJ Syd The Kid.

Here’s the video

and here’s what Syd had to say:

Thanks everyone. im not hurt. and we dont hate Detroit. Just the bitch-made niggas who wanted our attention last night. niggas got vaginas out here man…

1. we never called ourselves “punk”, so throwing glass bottles at us during our show? nah ah. no excuse. 2. niggas spit violent lyrics so they dont have to act them out. we only fuck with mosh pits. 3. if the nigga was throwing aluminum cans or plastic bottles, this would not be an issue.

I’m not risking my face for no concert. when hard objects start flying at my face, thats my cue to leave. its not a fear/anger thing. we dont blame detroit. i had fun otherwise.

*2. mosh pits are started by choice IN THE AUDIENCE. not on stage. niggas know to expect those already. Plus, we warned that nigga after the 1st bottle hit my table. no excuses. idgaf. he’s lame. Thanks to those Detroit niggas who still fuck with us and understand why we had to cut the show short.

and here’s what tyler said

Detroit Was So Fucking Tight…Until The 3rd Glass Bottle Almost Hit Us…Then Niggas Fired On Niggas….Then We Left…Still Cool Tho. Fuck

and apparently, Odd Future THOUGHT it was Danny Brown or someone in his crew that threw the bottle. So Mike G took it upon himself to address Danny Brown. He says:

Last night really happened. I grew up listening to Detroit artists that had mainstream success. I had alot of respect for this city’s Underground. I showed this city so much love and one of your artist that seem to hate that kids are making it decides to throw bottles at a 19 year old female? Thats some weak shit. This nigga was talking about “Ya’ll saying fuck underground makes it hard for me to feed my family” If your music is any good, you shouldn’t need stunts like a dumb ass haircut to make money off of it. So, if “The Underground threw bottles”, Fuck Underground Hip Hop.
Here’s what Danny Brown had to say:
“@fucktyler welcome to detroit”
“@MikeGKTA came and holla’ed at nigga dolo …. I respect that shit”
“@marvwon underground hip hop thru bottles at them niggas … then them niggas took they shirt off”
oh yea didnt pay to get in that OF show i was on “the list”. didnt even plan on goin to be honest …. took some mali and said fuck it. man i dont know nothing bout nobody throwing no bottles at the OF show aight … leave ma alone bout that shit #style … yall tryna get a nigga a case now …i think earl mom was throwing bottles … i aint have nothing to do wit that shit
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