This is your opportunity to send the BLAT! Pack to SXSW!

After years of establishing themselves as state staples and Internet presences, the BLAT! Pack—a Michigan collective of artists and music professionals—is ready to make a foray at the main stage. The yearly South By Southwest (SXSW) festival is one of the top music events in the country, and has helped launch the careers of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Yelawolf and M.I.A. Your generosity will secure a lifelong dream of a handful of artists to perform on the biggest stages of their careers.

The BLAT! Pack has spent years of building their brand in their home state and this opportunity to perform at SXSW will expand their national exposure. One of the BLAT! Pack‘s SXSW bound artists, JYoung the General, has built a following over the past year with Black History Year, an EP series with G-Unit Records producer Nick Speed that aims to educate listeners about black history in an entertaining way. His other EP, Jahshua 1:6, has garnered college and Internet radio play around the country with singles “She Likes Me” and “Black Nationalists,” the latter of which has garnered over 5,000 plays on JYoung‘s appearance at SXSW comes at the perfect time, as he’s gearing up to release Black History Year: Installment Two sponsored by The EP will feature production from G-Unit Records producer Nick Speed and features from big names such as One Be Lo, Buff1, and Mae Day.

Red Pill, a lyricist from Michigan’s capital of Lansing, has garnered a fan base from his debut album Please Tip Your Driver: an introspective project that gives a voice to the hardworking, blue collar experience without falling into the stereotypical street rhymes that over-saturate the industry. Within a short two years, both emcees have garnered coverage on top blog sites and publications, sponsorships from local and national clothing lines, and a loyal fan base that consumes their music through free downloads, purchased physical copies, and live performances around the country.

JYoung and Red Pill are both immensely grateful for all of the fans that have supported them over the years—whether it’s through a free or purchased download, a concert ticket, a Tweet or Facebook status, or a blog post. With your donation, you will have even more of a contribution to quality music and professionalism that can have an impact for years to come.

We’ve managed to raise a lot of the funds organically but we need your help to get us over the top! Your contributions will not only go toward helping these artists get to the SXSW stage but they will also go toward the pressing of albums for SXSW shows as well.

Please take the time to click on the link below and donate what you can. Every penny helps!


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