From the day we were all brought into each others world.. we were inseparable. Everyone says that we are the “closest sisters they’ve ever seen.” I know that in the end, all I will have is you two. You two mean the entire world to me, and even though we fight and argue, we can’t even go to bed without saying we are sorry. And sometimes when we get into the worst argument ever, we are laughing again after 5 minutes. You two mean the ENTIRE WORLD to me, no matter how much we may piss each other off or call each other every swear word we can think of. I know that I couldn’t live without both of you in my life. I always think about the future and how our kids will all be just as close as we are, and how when we are all out of school we wont go a day without seeing each other. I don’t know what my life would be like without being able to joke and laugh with you guys. Through all the friends we’ve ever had and all the people who have stabbed us in the back, we’ve always had each other in the end, and that’s the way it will always be. You are more then just my sisters, you are my best friends. We know what its like to lose a brother, because we lost that when we were teens. And it really is the worst feeling ever.  We got through it together, and we have gotten through many other terrible moments together, and thats how it will always be. Every summer we will be lazy and watch Grey’s while working on something we found at Michael’s. Every summer we will have a fish that dies (or mom accidentally kills). Every summer we will be sooo bored that all we can do is argue with each other because all we do is see each other. I’m so excited to go back to school this fall with you Leeds, because I know I won’t be lonely and I’ll always know where to go when I need you. And I know i’ll be able to protect you when you need me..

I have never seen siblings as close as us. Not even in our own family. We are as close as it gets, and no one will ever come between us. No one or nothing can break us. No matter how much we may not approve of something that we may be doing, we will never turn our backs on each other. I know that for sure, and I can’t say the same about ANYONE else in the world.

Love you seeeeesterss. (SNAP YOUR FINGAAAZ)

❤ till the day we die.. we are inseparable.

  1. your best friend
  2. your crush
  3. your parents
  4. your siblings
  5. tomorrow- your dreams


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