INTERVIEW: The Game Talks Features On “Brake Lights” Mixtape

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The R.E.D album is being released August 24th. i wonder if its getting pushed back..

The mixtape is produced by Cool-N-Dre. and Game spoke with MTV about the Brake Lights Mixtape

“I did a few collaborations,” the Compton MC said. “I got something I did with [Lil] Wayne before he left. I got something with Baby. Always gotta have them a part of anything red. Them my dudes. Waka Flocka came through to jump on the mixtape hook. I got some stuff, man.”

Dre is partial to a song Game has with Busta. “He’s got a record with Busta Rhymes called ‘Shot Down in Cold Blood,’ ” Dre described. “The beat is a beat we originally did for Kanye, for his new album. It’s got a vibe, man. Through the whole song, Busta says, ‘Shot down in cold blood.’ Every two bars he says, ‘Shot down in cold blood.’ Busta does it in a Jamaican patois voice. Game just spits a bunch of sh–, which makes the ’shot down in cold blood’ make sense. He has a feature on there I can’t say.

“There’s a record called ‘People’ that has Mary J. Blige on it,” he continued. “That’s soulful. It’s a lot of soul-sample beats, which we’re known for, on the mixtape. There’s a lot of gangsta sh– on there. Some ‘Big Dreams,’ ‘Hate It or Love It’ type sh– is on there. You’re getting a free Game album to get you ready for this R.E.D. Album.”

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