Song Of The Day 7.12.10- Kanye West “Everything I Am” [Along w/ a few Thoughts]

oh gosh.. i am NOT so many things. but thats exactly why i am who i am. so many people don’t take me seriously. So many people don’t understand that i am still figuring out who i am and what i can or cant do. i’m still trying to figure shit out, so give me a fucking break. im doing shit for me, not for anyone else. if you’re not with me, then you’re against me, and if you’re against me, then FUCK YOU. thats all im saying. I have no bad intentions. I know im a sweetheart and i know i’d do anything for anyone. I know how big my heart is.. and i know how kind and sweet i am, but what you should know is that i dont take bullshit from anyone. at all.

i seem really pissed off right now dont i.. well, i’m really not. im just trying to make shit clear. there are a lot of things i cant do. there a lot of things i cant be, but that doesnt take away from who i am, or what i do, or what i want to be.

people talkin shit but when shit hits the fan, everything im not made me everything i am..

but why do people want to talk shit? what did i do? i just do me. accept it. love me, or leave me the fuck alone.

and the reason i quoted the facade line is because there are so many people who pretend to be who they arent. and i could never understand that. you aren’t jay-z, you arent kanye, you arent cudi.. you arent anyone but your fucking self. why are you so obsessed with a life that other men live? why r you so obsessed with having something that you never wanted until jay or ye wanted it? i’ll never understand why people want to live in the shadow of rappers. why people want what rappers have. why people want what everyone or anyone else has. you can’t keep acting like you live a upper-class life when you’re working middle class. be proud for what you have and pray that you can stay blessed. if you’re working middle class, then work that ass off boyyy. if you’re upper class.. then spend that cash. you do what you know how to do, and be the best you can be at it. but dont look at someone else’s life and be like “man. thats me!” .. no, thats not you. you DONT drive a maybach, you DONT have a private jet, you DONT have millions of dollars.. you CAN have that, but you DONT.

…. im done ….

and for the people who support me and help me and care, i love you all. i wouldnt be who i am without the people i love and care for the most. ya’ll helped mold me and i love you for that. mwah<3

dat iz awl.

Damn, here we go again.
everybody sayin’ what’s not for him
but everything I’m not, made me everything I am
damn, here we go again.
people talk shit, but when shit hits the fan
but everything I’m not, made me everything I am

I never could see why people’ll reach a
Fake-ass facade they couldn’t keep up

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