Thoughts For The Mind Part 2- My Thoughts on Texting & Driving

So now texting and driving is illegal, and overall im pretty glad its a law now, except im a little irritated about some things..

The fact that cops can pull you over and claim they saw you texting and driving, even if you arent. That’ll be a great amount of money for the police departments. just remember, if the cops say they want to see your phone after being pulled over for texting or driving say no. say you will not give them your phone and dont give them permission to search your shit because it may lead them to find out other things (if you’re doing illegal business on your phone) and they can then keep you in custody or charge you for that. at least thats what i’ve been hearing. also, texting and driving is fucked up in the first place. it shouldnt even have to be a law. it should be common sense. But i’m not going to lie, even i have been guilty of texting and driving, many many times. but then i think alright, there is a chance this shit CAN kill me, because it’s happened many times before.. and text messaging someone isnt worth being brain damaged or killed or paying for a new car.

the thing that is bothering me now though is that news stations are saying that texting and WALKING is also dangerous. They are saying that people can walk into oncoming traffic or fall and get dangerously hurt if they arent paying attention to where they are going.. this is VERY ridiculous to me. Like seriously, all the news does is say pointless shit. texting and WALKING?!?! people have been doing that since text messaging existed. Anyways, they said that cell phone manufacturers are creating applications that make it safer to text and walk.. whats next, eating and walking dangerous also?! smh.

yeah.. so those are my thoughts about texting and driving/walking..

something i just felt like i wanted to vent on.


yours truly,

amy rita (click to follow me on twitter)

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