Eminem & Christina Aguilera are Guests for Entourage Season 7 Finale

eminem and christina aguilera wont be the only ones showing up for the season 7 finale of Entourage..

Here’s some news that will be music to Entourage fans’ ears: Eminem and Christina Aguilera are among the guest stars appearing in the HBO comedy’s season 7 finale, EW.com has learned. The rapper, who released Recovery last week, shot a scene that takes place “at a platinum record party for his album, which by the time this airs will be platinum, I’m sure,” saysEntourage creator Doug Ellin, adding: “He has a little conflict—a little beef—with Vince [Adrian Grenier].” While Eminem won’t be performing in the episode, Aguilera will. Like Eminem, the singer plays herself—but she’s also a client of Ari. “She’s doing Ari a favor and performing at a party for him,” Ellin tells EW.com. The Sept. 12 episode, which Ellin hints is a “pretty dramatic season finale,” also features Minka Kelly (whom Vince has his eye on) and John Cleese, as well as pro athletes such as Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees, Phillies All-Star first baseman Ryan Howard, and NBA players Jordan Farmar and Kevin Love.


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