Thoughts For The Mind Pt. 1: By Yours Truly, Amy Rita.

I’ve been posting about clothes/music/sneakers… and i never really posted my thoughts, so readers can get to know me a little… so here it goes. this is the same shit you’ve probably heard over and over again, but i’d like to vent.. because.. this is my blog. 🙂

I would like to start off this post by saying i love BLAT! Pack and i’m so inspired by each and every member. I have never met a group of people with so many aspirations and so much determination. I’m proud to be a part of this team and represent, because Blat! is family to me and I have formed relationships with people who i will ALWAYS appreciate, and NEVER forget. BLATTTTTT!!

now, these are my random thoughts. Enjoy

“time” is a limit that is put on your life. dont count ure life by days or minutes or hours or years. life is infinite. even after life you are infinite. the older you are, the wiser you are (hopefully.. sometimes thats not the case, if not, then grow up already)..

“people who say money isnt everything are the ones who dont have it”.. well, thats what i’ve heard. but it really isnt everything, and if money is the only thing you want out of life, you’ll die piss poor (morally).

im not judging, just sharing thoughts.

I’m really sick of people who are older than me but don’t have common sense for shit. i try to enlighten them and talk to them and help them, but some people are so hard headed that its hard to try to help everyone… and many adults are very childish. its so sad.

everyone in your life has a purpose, so don’t take them for granted, even if you cant stand their bitch ass.. they are in your life for a reason, so remember that. and people grow apart, so dont spend so much time trying to fix old relationships or friendships because life will take you into separate paths. its meant to be this way. dwelling on the past just makes letting go of it a little bit harder.

but sometimes i dwell on the past.. i’d do anything to go back to high school.. just redo my senior year. those were the best years of my life, and i hated them at the time.. seeing the same people everyday was so comforting. and people have changed so much since then, everything was SO much easier then…

but yeah, im looking forward to next semester at school, things are going to be much different.

i was told i was hot headed, and i have a bad temper, and i get very annoyed with little shit very fast, and that i need to change that. im working on it, but i dont know how to change the way i’ve been my entire life.. hot headed and quick tempered. how do i stop? i guess its something i’ll figure out as i grow older.. im trying really hard to not let little shit bother me. I’m trying realllly hard not to trip over stupid shit.

Just some thoughts for the mind
I take a glimpse into time
Watch the blimp read “The World Is Mine”


i’ll leave you with a smile!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts For The Mind Pt. 1: By Yours Truly, Amy Rita.

  1. Yellokake says:

    sometimes its good to just get it out. well done my lov.

  2. writething23 says:

    thank you babygirl 🙂

  3. ketchums says:

    I think the thing about money is actually the other way around. Ask the people who are filthy rich, but still unhappy.

    And yeah, it’s a trip when people older than you are fuckin up…but at the same time, everybody learns at their own pace. So that’s gonna happen, nahmean?

    Otherwise, dope blog. I’ve really seen you grow a lot this past year in terms of your maturity level and presentation, so a blog like this makes sense. Big ups.

    • writething23 says:

      thanks will that really really means a lot to me. and i’m talking about the people who are only focused on money, the people that dont have it but its the only thing they want out of life so thats their only goal. is to get money. thats what im talking about.

  4. Delonte West says:

    props to me on the Nas quote lol. & you said senior year “…were the best YEARS of my life”. How many times you fail? lol jp. Dope post tho

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